About Us

Lavi Concepts

Lavi Concepts loosely translates to "life concepts". We strive to enhance your days with handcrafted, natural products focusing on nourishing the skin and soul. All of our products are made with organic or natural sourced ingredients. 

The skin is the body's largest organ and absorbs approximately 64% of what is put on it. Lavi Concepts was born from a need to naturally improve the body's well-being. We focus on every aspect of nourishment - that meant starting from what is taken into our bodies daily. So it seemed obvious that if we used natural or organic ingredients to topically enhance and nourish the body, then theoretically we can feed our souls. 

Here at Lavi Concepts we're not doctors or experts, just ordinary folks that want to live an extraordinary, properly nourished life.

* Nourish Your Skin | Feed Your Soul *