What People are Saying About Us...

 Terry L.

To say that I am in love with Lavi Concepts products would be an understatement! Believe me, I have tried all of them. I especially like that all the products are made with natural ingredients. For me, it's the combination of fragrances that makes this product unique. Choosing which one I like best is the hard part for me. But I will tell you the Antifungal Foot Scrub & Soak has changed my LIFE!

Lango F.

OMG, Kim. Thank You! I love these shea butters!! I keep smelling myself.


I came home and used the shea butter after my bath and it felt so great on my skin. I also had my daughter to try it and she also enjoyed the feel and scent. Great product. 


I’m happy to share that I love both of the facial products. I was a little nervous because I have sensitive skin that tends to react to products labeled for ‘sensitive skin’. I especially love how my face feels after using the scrub. It’s gentle and refreshing and it doesn’t leave my skin dry.